Personalized Health Monitoring

The Medhealth platform supports the Health and Ambient Assisted Living domains through innovative, yet easy to use, Solutions and Services to individuals, patients, caregivers and healthcare institutions acting in the Private and Public sectors.

Medhealth provides an intelligent, yet practical, patient centric, screen (PC, mobile and tablet) agnostic platform that creates the "glue" for cost effective provision of modern healthcare services. We are transforming the way healthcare is provisioned. Our platform and services enable health and Ambient Assisted Living providers to drive business model innovations, supporting a shift in focus from treatment to prevention and from payment for services to payment for performance-based care.

Our approach directly supports the improvement of both health and health related economic results by providing real time diagnosis and control of users' biosignals and improving the responses of formal and informal care providers.

MedHealth providers use our platform to enhance internal efficiencies and optimise the delivery of patient care, enabling healthcare professionals to spend more prime time with patients, and thus improving their patients’ quality of life.

  • Awesome UI
  • HTML5/CSS3 Design
  • Smart Notifications
  • Intelligent Services
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Wireless Sync

Make Health Fun

Manage yourself and friends to get healthy. Set daily goals and exercises.

Track Yor Activity

Track your health status and exercise progress (steps, distance, calories burned, and how well you sleep).

Monitor Progress

Visualise your health status, learn about factors that can affect overall health.

Paint a picture of your health

Get a standardized visual representation of your health status (multiple metrics into a unified graph), designed to increase awareness of the factors that can affect your overall health.

Easily identify which metrics exist in a normal range versus those that may be too high or low. Recognize condition patterns, track your own health, and get a significant understanding of your well-being.